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Admin Guide

Welcome to the eLegere's Admin Guide!

The Admin Guide covers everything related to managing users' access, applications, and customize the Domain's appearance.

Any person who can perform Admin task can manage one or more Domains.

Admins manage the Users, Groups, Permissions, customize the Domain's appearance and email STMP.

The Admins have also the same privileges and permission of Designers. (See the Designer Guide for more information.) The Admins can execute the same operations of Designers in the Domain.


The Admin Guide gives for granted some concepts from the Designer Guide. In particular:

  • Design Mode
  • Formulas
  • Connections
  • Scheduler

Check the topics above to have the required background.


Only the Admin user role can access the Domain Settings panel. Other User Roles don't have access to the Domain Settings.

After having read the Admin Guide, you will master the management of Domains and the Applications inside them.

Follows an overview of the Admin Guide's section.

What You Do When You Undertake Admin Tasks?

The Who is the Admin? section explains everything about the role of Admin: the differences with Users and Designers, what they can view and do inside a Domain.

In particular, what are the task expected from an Admin and what permissions they have.

Manage Users and Permissions

The Manage Users and Groups section focuses on one of the core task of an Admin: managing Users and Groups.

The Admin tasks involve the following: adding, removing Users in the Domain, and editing their credentials and permissions.

In addition, who undertakes the Admin tasks manages the Groups that grants permissions for the Applications and other features.

The section explains all the above management operations and how to accomplish them.

Manage Permissions

The Manage Permissions section explains how to grant permissions to:

  • View certain Applications and Folders
  • Access to panels of the Domain's Home. For example: Connections, Storages, Schedulers or the Applications' system info.

Customize the Domain's Appearance

The Customize the Domain's Appearance section explains how to customize colors and logos in the Domain's login page.

Also, how to change the default's STMP email server to send notifications with a specific email address to the users.