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Custom Groups

With Groups you can manage Users' permissions to execute Jobs, work on Applications and open Folders.

Think of a Group as a container for users which you can then assign permissions to.

To create a new one, position yourself in the Groups (1) tab and click on Create Group (2):

Choose a Name (1) for your Group and, if needed, select one or more Custom Groups (2) it should inherit permissions from. Then click Confirm (3) to finalize the operation:

System Groups

By default, when eLegere is installed, there are seven default System Groups with different levels of permissions:

  1. Application Designer: to create the Apps
  2. Application Management: to manage the Apps
  3. Connection Management: to create Connections
  4. Domain Admin: with all the permissions available
  5. Domain Viewer: to see the Apps. For it to work correctly we have to setup Applications Permissions
  6. Scheduler Management: to create a Scheduler
  7. Storage Management: with permissions to create Storages

NOTE: You can change the name of a System Group but you cannot delete it.