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Configuration for Mobile Use

Configuration for Mobile Use

Before downloading and installing the Mobile App on your device, to see on it one or more Smart Application created by Web platform, you have to setup them for Mobile Use.

To do it, go on the eLegere Web Application Settings (1):

Then, in the Application Info menu (1), enable the Web Application for Mobile Use (2):

Field's Settings

In the next step open the Design Mode (1) of the Web Application:

Then enable the mobile use - Is Mobile Field (1) - in the Field's Settings configuration of the Master or Details table for each fields that you want to use in the Mobile App:

Details Mobile Platform Visibility

From eLegere 2.1.5 and higer it's possible to set also the Detail tab's visibility (1) for the Web and/or the Mobile platform. This visibility can be restricted also by a formula. So remember to enable it if you want to see the Details information: