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Rows Check-Out

Rows Check-Out

New Rows Check-Out componet has been introduced to avoid data editing conflicting.

Rows locked will have effect on the editability condition. So if a row is locked by another User you cannot modify it.


See Rows Check-Out Storage of eLegere Web.

If the option is enable, you will see in the row 2 different status icon:

Icon Function Description
Locked Row is locked by the current User
Busy Row is locked by another User

Row Lock in mobile UI

Lock status is shown in the preview of the row.

  1. Row is available (without icons):

  2. Row is locked by current User :

  3. Row is locked by another User :


New added rows, by default, are always locked by the current User because any other Users can't lock unsaved new rows.

Automatic Lock / Unlock

When you edit row, system automatically locks it, if available.

If the row is available, when you save, the operation is successful.

When you save changes or delete them, system automatically unlocks the row.

Editing row locked by another User

If you try editing locked rows by another User, you will receive the following message: