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This is the documentation site for eLegere 2.13.

The documentation helps you understanding eLegere and master all its functionalities. The eLegere docs divide the information you need by necessity and role.

  Before Starting

See how the documentation is structured and built to help you find what you need.

  What's New 2.13

Give a look to the latest features of eLegere 2.13.

  Get Started with eLegere

The Get Started with eLegere is a tutorial that leads you from zero to the most advanced features of eLegere by step-by-step practice.

  User Guide

The User Guide covers everything about using applications in eLegere.

  Designer Guide

The Designer's Guide covers everything about building applications in eLegere without any knowledge of coding.

  Developer Guide

The Developer Guide explains how to integrate your product or service with eLegere.