Deleting Rows

Learn how to delete one or more rows.

At any time, you can choose and delete from a table one or more rows.

You can click on the Delete button to delete the selected rows.

  1. Select the rows you want to delete. (See Selecting and Deselecting Rows for more information.)

  2. Click on the Delete button ().

The action removes the rows.

You can delete a row through the Row Options () icon as well.

  1. Click on the Row Options icon () of the row you want to delete.

  2. Click on the Delete button to delete the individual row.


Deleting one or more rows doesn't mean that you have saved the change. You must save the changes to make the deletion permanent. See the section Save Rows to learn how to save the changes.


The Designer decides to enable or not the Delete action. The Designer might have either removed or limited the Delete action.