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Get Started with eLegere

Welcome to eLegere Get Started Documentation.

How the Get Started Works


The best way to learn how to use eLegere is using it.

You won't read a long list of functionalities divided by category. Hardly people learn and remember something with that sort of approach: most of the time, you memorize a lot of notions that you won't know how to apply to real world scenarios. Instead, this Get Started involves direct practice.

The Get Started leads you from zero to Custom Actions and eLegere Script — two of the most advanced features of eLegere — by creating a simple application and extending it with new functionalities.

The application will be a personal budgeting application called Personal Budget. Certainly, you can build much more powerful applications with eLegere. But learning the basics with a very simple application that everyone knows and then extending it makes the process easier. After all, everyone grasps more or less how an application to keep track of monthly expenses and paychecks works! This approach has the advantage to teach eLegere step-by-step without overwhelming you.


Each section has some tags that help navigation and point the topic discussed. If you know what to search, tags identify the section about the function you need.

Where to Start?

Begin with the first part Your First Application. When you have learnt everything about Applications, Storages, Design Mode, and Custom Actions, read Using eLegere in a Team. Using eLegere in a Team explains how to manage groups, restrictions, and access for collaborative work.

Reading all the chapters and tutorials in order is strongly recommended. But, if you are in a hurry, here a quick reference where to find the information you might need: