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What Users Do?

Most of the people using eLegere is a User. A User is anyone who can access and use applications within eLegere Domains.


Read this section to understand:

What Users Do?

eLegere enables to create no-code/low-code smart applications to govern your data and related processes. This section explains who are the Users using these smart applications.

A User is anyone who uses the applications. An application is any no-code/low-code smart application built in eLegere to govern data and processes. The Designer designs the application's process and what Users can do within the application. The User accesses the application designed by a Designer and inserts and modifies data according to the embedded process.

Anyone using applications in eLegere is considered a User. Users can access applications and manipulate data through their embedded workflows. The Users select the application to launch inside their assigned Domain. A Domain contains all the applications that an Admin has authorized a User to use.

Each Designer can build many sorts of applications that differ from one each other. (See the Designer Guide for info about Designers and building applications.) Despite the Designer's choices, there is a set of functions common to all the applications. The User Guide explains all these functions and the applications' interface to who approach eLegere for the first time.

Home and Users

Learn what you will see as User after the Login in eLegere.


If you don't know how to Login in eLegere, check How to Login into eLegere in the Before Starting documentation.

The Home displays different panels and changes according to the assigned permissions the Admin has decided for your account. Some panels or options could not be available according to the permissions you possess.

You will land in a page like the following:


If your Admin has assigned to you more permissions, you will see more elements and options in the Home. But this User Guide assumes that as User you will have access only to the applications you must employ.

When you access a Domain's Home as standard User without special permissions, you will see the interface elements below:

  1. The Applications you can use. At the centre of the window, each tile represents an application that you can use. By default, the Home displays applications as tiles. (Note that you can view them as a list in Grid view, see point (2) below).

  2. The settings on the upper-right corner enable any user to:

    • View the Applications as a set of tiles (Tile view, the default view) or as a list (Grid view).
    • Choose the sorting criterion and the order of the application list.
    • Search an application by its name or tag.

  3. Account info, settings, and Sign Out. Clicking on your name enables to:

    • Access your Account Settings.
    • Access the eLegere's documentation.
    • Sign Out from eLegere.

  4. The Domain icon and name. This element reminds the Domain you have accessed. Click on it to see all the Domains available to your account.

  5. Favorite Apps widget. Lists and provides a quick link to your favorite applications. Drag & Drop here from (1) the applications to add them to your favorites.

Launching Applications

Learn how to launch applications from the Home as a User.

According to the Tile View (the default one) or the Grid View, you can launch applications in two ways.

In Tile view, click on an application's tile to launch it.

In Grid view, click on the application's name to launch it.


If you have added applications on the Favorite Apps widget: click on the application's name in the Favorite Apps to access it.


If you have grasped how to login and access Applications, begin with the Basics section of the User Guide.