What are the Sessions?

Learn about the what are the Sessions in eLegere.

Sessions are presets of Properties, filters, sorting, and appearance options that you save, modify, and load for the current application.

Sessions avoids you the effort to set up at every access the same Properties, filters, sorting, and appearance options manually. One click and the application will load all the settings without any action from your part.

  • Users can create as many Sessions as they want for an application.
  • Users can customize and modify a Session they have created at any time.


Every time you access an application, you are in an new empty Session for that application. An empty Session is a Session with no enabled customizations.

Users can find all the commands related to Sessions in the upper-right corner of any application.

If there are no saved Sessions: there will be only the Save Session As button () in the upper-right corner. It means that you are currently in a new empty Session. (See Create a Session for more information about empty Sessions.)

If there are one or more saved Sessions: the upper-right corner displays the following buttons.

From the left to the right:

  • Reopen the current Application, using an empty session () Relaunch the application without any personalization. Appears if a Session is active.
  • Sessions () Opens the drop-down list of saved Sessions.
  • Save Session As () Save the actual settings as a new Session.
  • Save Session () Overwrites the Session with the current settings.


The other two buttons on the upper-right corner are not related to Sessions. The Copy application's link button () yields a link to share the application with other eLegere users having proper permissions. The Close button () closes the application.