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What's New 2.13-prerelease.5

Welcome to eLegere 2.13-prerelease.5!


  New Features

New Features

Added Microsoft Graph as New Authentication System for the Send Email

The SMTP configuration in the Domain Settings now offers a new authentication system for the Send Email mail services: Microsoft Graph.

eLegere offers Microsoft Graph in addition to the current authentication system (i.e. Basic Authentication) for the Send Email.


Microsoft has deprecated Basic Authorization for SMTP on their cloud services. If you rely on Microsoft cloud services, please switch to Microsoft Graph.


Check the document Send Email via Microsoft Graph Authorization to learn how to generate the information required in the steps below.

You can setup a new email authentication in Domain Settings > SMTP by following the steps below.

  1. Click on Add Configuration.

  2. Choose Microsoft Graph as authentication type.

  3. Fill the information and upload a certificate.

  4. Click on the Save changes button.