Create a Session

You will learn how to save as a preset your customizations within an application.

Every time you access an application, eLegere creates a new empty Session for that application. An empty Session has no customizations.

During your Session, you can add Properties, filters, columns' sorts, and customize the table appearance (e.g. hiding a column). You can save your actual Session to recall it any time. The action avoids you to set up all the options in a new empty Session at each access.

Follow the following steps to create a Session:

  1. In the upper-right corner of the application's top strip bar, click on the Save Session As button ().

    The action will open the Save Session window.

  2. In the Save Session window, insert the following information to identify your Session. (The optional tag points the optional information not essential to save the Session.)

    • (1) Name Insert a name to identify the Session.
    • (2) Description Insert a Description explaining what settings the Session saves. optional
    • (3) Color Choose a color to identify the Session or leave the default color. optional
    • (4) Use as default The toggle switch sets up the Session as default: at every access, the application will load this Session. (See Load a Session when launching an application automatically for more information.) optional
  3. Click on the Save button to save the Session. Click on the Cancel button to abort the creation.

A notification will confirm the success in saving the Session.

Also, the Session's name will appear next to the application's name.