History - Track Changes

Learn how to view the history of all the changes on the table.

The History is a functionality that tracks all the changes happened on a Master and Detail row.


The History tracks the changes on the Master or Detail tables through the Enable History Tracking option activated in the Storage (see the Designer's Guide). It could happen that not all the tables of your application are tracked. The presence of the History depends on the configuration that the Designer has chosen. (This is a topic for Designers and not for Users. Please, check the Designer's Guide for more info.)

If the Designer has enabled the History, you can view all the changes made on a specific row.

  1. Click on the Row Options button on the left side of the row you want to check.

  2. Click on the History button

You will access the History of Changes window.

  1. The Version column lists from the earliest to the latest each version of the row.
  2. The History of Changes' table highlights the cells modified in the that version.


The Designer chooses to enable or not the History. Also, the Designer chooses what fields to track in the History.