Cell Filtering

Learn how to search the table cells for an specific value.

If you have to search for a precise value, you can right-click on the table and filter by a cell's value.

The action searches the exact value match on that table column.


The cell filtering of "Pizza" will yield only the column's cell values containing "Pizza". The action excludes values that contain "Pizza" but aren't an exact match; e.g. "Pizza Dinner", "Pizza Delivery", etc.


According to the Designer's choice, you can't filter a table for certain columns. There could be two reasons:

In both the cases, you can't sort a filter the table for the column.

  1. Right-click on the cell containing the value you want to filter by.
  2. Choose Filter from the options.

The table will filter the rows by the chosen cell's value.


If you choose filters for a Detail table, the filtering options will be valid only for the current Detail table. The filtering options won't be applied on Details of other Master rows.

See the What are Details? section for more information about Detail tables.