Share a link to your Session

Learn how to share a temporary link to your Session.

You can share a link to enable the access to the application with the chosen Session enabled. The loaded Session will be the actual session for the user that uses the link.


The shared link remains valid as long as the User who shared the Session makes no modifications to Properties, filters, sorting order or appearance options. If the user makes any change to their Session, they must share a new link.

You can share with other eLegere users of your installation any Session of the application. Only Users belonging to the same Domain and having the same permissions can view the shared Session.

  1. In Tile view, click on the Share button on a Session tile to open the Share window.

    In Grid view, click on the Share button on the row corresponding to the Session.

  2. The action in Step 1 opens the Share window.

    • (1) In the Share window, copy the link from the textbox. Share the link with any User having access to the Domain and having your same application's permissions.
    • (2) Click on the Cancel button to close the Share window.