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What are Domains?

Domains are sandboxes that contains your Applications and Storages. You can imagine a Domain as the Home you access with your account and where you can work together with other members of your team.

You will learn in the following tutorials the basics of the Domain's Settings Panel.

How to Access the Domain Settings Panel

If you are a Domain Admin, a icon appears next to a Domain's name. The icon means that you can access the Domain's panel.

  1. Click on the Domain's name in the top corner.
  2. Click on the icon next to the Domain's name.

Overview of the Domain Settings Panel

The Domain Admin manages all the accounts of the Domain, Groups, Permissions, and the Domain's Home appearance.

On the Domain Settings Panel you can:

  • Create and manage users in the Domain.
  • Acquire statistics about the Domain.
  • Decide who can execute certain Scheduled Jobs.
  • Decide who can use a certain Application.
  • Decide who can access a Folder in the Domain's Home.
  • Create and manage User Groups.
  • Customize the Login page and the colors of the Domain's Home.
  • Change STMP server settings for sending E-mail notifications.

The following tutorials of Using eLegere in a Team focus on three sub-panels and the use of the Add User button.

  • Users Create or invite eLegere users.
  • Application Permissions Choose who can see certain applications.
  • Groups Create User Groups that grant to users specific privileges.


Learn in the next tutorial Users and Permissions in the Domain how to manage Users and Groups in a Domain.