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What's New 2.13-prerelease.10

Welcome to eLegere 2.13-prerelease.10!

  New Features

New Features

Folder Tree Navigation Available for Attachments

If the application has the Attachments enabled, users can now view the folders' tree of the row's attachments.

The folders' tree appears on the left of the current folder's content list.

Users can expand and collapse the folders' tree inside the Attachments window.

Clicking on any point of the tree leads to that folder in the path.


Full-screen for the Attachments Window

The developers have added the full-screen view for the Attachments' window.

Click on the icon to view in full-screen the Attachments' window.

Click on the icon in full-screen to return to the resized view.


Bug Fix

New bug fixes have solved issues from the previous 2.13.4 version.