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User Guide

Welcome to the eLegere's User Guide!

The User Guide covers everything about using applications in eLegere .


  • What Users Do? Learn more about the role of User.
  • Basics Learn the fundamentals to use any eLegere application.
  • Advanced Features Learn the most advanced features to navigate and record data in eLegere.

After having read the User Guide, you will have mastery of eLegere's applications and how they work!

A brief overview of the User Guide's sections follows

What Users Do?

The What Users Do? section gives more insights about what User do in eLegere.

Also, it lists the steps to launch an application in a Domain.


The Basics section explains the most common operations you can do in eLegere applications.

The section focuses on the main mode to view data in eLegere applications: the Table. The section assumes that Users employ the applications in Table mode while explaining the functions.

Advanced Features

The Advanced Features section explains advanced features that a Designer might have enabled for you in the application. These features speed up data insertion or actions that the Designer could have designed for you.