Search Row Having Attachments, Comments or Details

Learn how to filter the rows according to their attributes: attachments, comments, and Details.

Besides cells' values, the Users can filter rows by their attribute. A Row's Attribute is one of the following items:

  • An Attachment
  • A Comment
  • A non-empty Detail

You can filter the table to display rows having one, two or all three the attributes above.

  1. Click on the icon on the top right-corner of the table.

    The action will open a small menu to choose for what attributes to filter the table.

  2. In the menu, choose the attribute options for the filtering.

    • Action The criterion for the filtering.

      • has The row must have the item.
      • has not The row must not have the item.
    • Filter The type of attribute that must satisfy the Action criterion.

      • Attachment
      • Comment
      • Detail
    • Add another filter Adds a new line for a new criterion for the attribute filtering.

Choosing the criteria enables the filter immediately.

The Filter Rows tags will appear in the Filters list as any column filter. You can manage the attribute filters in the same way of cells' value filters.