What are Properties and Groups?

Learn about what Properties and Groups are.

The Properties carve out subsets of data within an application. Properties are criteria that a row must satisfy to be included in the subset. The Designer enables Properties and the available criteria.

Standard filters explained in Table Filters: filter the columns' values hide the rows not satisfying the criteria. But any action involving the application's table will involve the hidden rows also. Properties are useful if you need to work only with the rows satisfying the filtering criteria.

The Properties enables to narrow the set of rows to work only on a data subset. It is the recommended choice for fine-grained and advanced filtering.


You can use the Properties if and only if the application's Designer has enabled and configured the related Module.

Users can choose among the Designer's enabled Properties.

The difference between Properties and common Filters is the following:

Properties Filters
Properties carve out data subsets from the rows.
Export and similar functions will work only on the subset.
Filters hide the rows not satisfying the criteria.
Export and similar functions will work also on rows not included in the filter.

Groups are sets of Properties: a group collects one or more Properties together.