Navigate the Table's Rows

Learn how to navigate the table's row.

eLegere applications appear as tables containing rows. The users see the Master Table when entering an application: the table containing all the entries of an eLegere application. Users record and manipulate data by using the Master Table.

The applications record data as rows containing multiple fields. Each row represents a record.

Multiple fields corresponding each one to a column (2) constitute a row (1).

Inside an application, the table arranges the row on multiple pages. The number of elements per page depends on the Designer's choice.

  1. You can find the buttons to navigate the pages on the bottom-left corner of the table.
    • Insert the page number in the textbox to reach the desired page.
    • Click on the buttons to navigate back and forth.
  2. On the bottom-right corner of the table, you find the counter of the pages.
    • The format is the following: Range of Items - Total Number of Items in the Application

Users inside eLegere applications create, view, and edit rows.