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Designer Guide

Welcome to the eLegere's Designer Guide!

The Designer Guide covers everything about building Applications using the Design Mode in eLegere.


Some operations of the Designer Guide require one or more permissions from your Domain Admin. Verify with your Domain Admin that you have the permissions required for each operation listed in each section.

Required Permissions

A box like this one will list in each section the required Permissions to undertake the Design task.

Most of the tasks require only the Application Designer permissions from your Domain's administrator.

Other tasks might require further Permissions besides the Application Designer permission.

Contact your Domain's administrator to obtain the permissions you need.

You will find more information about the permissions to design an application in What are the Design Tasks?.


Multiple Users will share the same Applications and employ them at the same time. Reading the Using eLegere in a Team from the Get Started is recommended for a quick overview. Using eLegere in a Team explains the Applications' permissions, how to design them for collaborative work, and how to manage Users and Groups.

You undertake Designer tasks when you design Applications in eLegere without any knowledge of coding. When you act as Designer, you employ the no-code/low code interface called Design Mode to build different sorts of applications.

Designers can customize any aspect of an application through the Design Mode: columns, data insertion, modules, layout, custom actions, what a User can do, and under what conditions can manipulate data and trigger processes.

After having read the Designer Guide, you will be able to build whatever application you can imagine effortlessly.

Read below the overview of the Designer Guide's sections.

What are the Design Tasks?

The What are the Design Tasks? section explains what you do when you work as Designer. In particular, what permissions you need to build applications and what tools you have to build Applications in eLegere.

The section describes also the different permissions that a section of the Designer Guide might require: Application Designer, Storage Management, Connection Management, and Scheduler Management.

Create an Application

The Create an Application section explains everything you need to know to build from scratch an eLegere application. The section explains all the concepts and tools that a Designer employ to build whatever application their workflows require. In particular, the section explains:

  • How to define a source where to store and retrive data.
  • How to build eLegere applications through the interface called Design Mode.

Arrange Applications and Storages in the Home

The Arrange Applications and Storages in the Home section explains how to organize applications and Storages in folders, granting access to applications only to certain User Groups.

The Migrating Applications and Related Data section explains how to import and export Applications and related data across Domains within the same eLegere installation or a different one.

Helpful Reference

The Helpful Reference section provides the syntax and functions' reference for two tools to automate and extend Applications: Formulas and eLegere Script.

Use Formulas for automatic calculations and restrictions about who can edit or view data in Applications. (You can insert formulas in Design Mode and other places showing the icon.)


Use the scripting language eLegere Script to design your own features and extend what Applications can do beyond the default options.