Selecting and Deselecting Rows

Learn how to select or deselect one or more rows.

Selecting one or more rows instead of all rows unlocks some operations in an application. E.g. Deleting or Cloning only the selected rows.


The Designer decides to enable or not the Selection and Deselection actions. The Designer might have either removed or limited the Selection and Deselection actions.

Users can select one or more rows of the Table.

Click on the checkbox on the left side to select a row.

Click on the checkbox at the top of the rows' selection column to select all the rows of the current table page.

If you want to deselect all at once the selected rows: click on the Deselect All button () to deselect all the rows.

If you select one or more rows as explained and you change page, the rows remain selected. The counter next to the Deselect All button tracks the total number of selected row across all the pages.

You have to deselect each row manually or through the Deselect All button ().