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Work with the Rows

The Work with the Rows section discusses the most common operations in eLegere: adding, editing, removing rows on the tables; saving and undoing changes; sharing and exporting the rows; uploading attachments for the rows; viewing the history of all the changes on the table; refreshing the rows' data in the application.

Edit Rows

Learn how to add, remove, clone or edit rows.

Most of eLegere applications arranges e represents data as rows in a table. Users spend most of the time adding, removing, saving or editing these rows.

Save Rows or Undo

Learn how to save all the changes made on the application's table. Also, learn to manage the pending changes and local changes not saved when quitting the application.


Learn how to navigate and work with the Details: tables with secondary data attached to rows of the Master table (i.e. the main table of the application that you find at the access).

Sharing Rows

Users can share table rows and view Details from their applications.

Learn how to share either a Master table row or a Detail's view.


Learn how to attach files to the rows and manage them.

If the Designer has enabled the corresponding option, users can attach one or more files to an application's table's row.


The Designer might have introduced restrictions regarding the employment of the Attachments function.

History: Changes Tracking and Rows Restoration

The Designer could enable on the application the History.

The History is a functionality that tracks all the changes happened on the Master and Detail tables.

Rows Refresh

Users can reload all the data at any time within an application.

Learn how to reload the application's rows with one click.