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Work with Sessions

Learn how to create and manage Sessions: custom presets of Properties, filters, sorting options, and appearance options that you can recall in the application. Also, you will learn how to share a Session with other Users of the same application.

What are the Sessions?

Learn about the what are the Sessions in eLegere.

How to Save your Customizations as a Session

Learn how to save your Properties, filtering, sorting, and appearance options as a Session.

The Sessions Page

Learn about the main page to manage all your Sessions.

Update the Session with new customizations

Learn how to modify a Session's customizations.

Create a new Session from an existing one

Learn how to create a new Session starting from an existing one.

Load a Session when launching an application automatically

Learn how to make a Session the Default Session and load it automatically at each access.

Export the Session's Data

Learn how to export the rows' data from a Session.

Share a Session

Learn how to share a Session with other users having access to the application.

eLegere offers two ways to share your Sessions: you can share a temporary link to your Session or you can copy your Session to another user's list who can access the application.